Stigma_FramsidawebbStigma is an evil, diabolical story about something out of the depth of mythology pursuing a charter group from the Alps to Stockholm. This is the sequel to Åsa Schwarz’s highly acclaimed debut novel …och fjättra Lilith i kedjor. In Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal in Paris there is a translation of a script from medieval times. A corpse is slowly surfacing in a dying glacier. They have one thing in common: they should never ever be retrieved. Lena is on a charter trip to the French Alps. After a hike among mountains and glaciers she sees her godmother being slowly transformed, but is unable to pinpoint what is wrong. They both return to Stockholm, hoping that everything was just a nightmare. But the inferno has accompanied them on the flight.

“Stigma” is the second volume in Åsa Schwarz’s series about the undergraduate Anna, who is sucked into hair-rising mysteries featuring evil spirits, history and occultism.

Published by Kalla Kulor, Sweden in 2006.

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