NEFILIM_framsidaNova burglarizes the home of Vattenfall’s CEO to spray paint slogans on the walls. Now, finally, one of Sweden’s main environmental criminals is going to get what he deserves. But somebody has beaten her to it. In the apartment she finds the CEO brutally murdered, as in a scene from hell. Nova flees the scene of the crime but leaves forensic traces and is soon the prime suspect. She tries to find out who commited the murder and why he or she appears to be working through her own list of environmental criminals. Why the constant references to the Flood and Noah’s ark? Who has searched Nova’s home in Stockholm’s Old Town? Was her mother’s death really an accident? Who is trying to frame Nova for the murders?

Nefilim is the first volume in a series of two about environmentalist Nova, who deals both with her own past and the environmental issues facing present day society.

Nefilim is translated to seventeen languages and first published by Telegram Förlag, Sweden in 2009.

The trailer:

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