Laura on Åsa

MFond6228Åsa Schwarz is unafraid. Of fast cars, of ice-climbing, of leaving a secure position to concentrate on her writing. Of the prejudices and condemnations of others. She takes the risk of using real people and events in her books. They are sucked into nerve-racking stories of death and destruction, biblical history and the highly topical present.

She has taken exams in computer and systems science and business economics and management. Since 2013 she hold down a part time job specializing in information security at Knowit. That she is knowledgeable about hackers, virus and IP-addresses is probably self-evident. Her characters solve murders or run away from the police using complex algorithms.

Åsa lives with her partner Mikael and their children, Fanny and Oscar, in a twenties house in the southern part of Stockholm. This ex-grocery store might soon inspire her to write a new story, where the prime suspects are sting-rays. As it happens, they live at the same address.

Åsas novels are translated to eighteen languages and published in four continents.

/ Laura Sprechman, close friend of Åsa’s and consultant at JKL

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