Broken angel

Endodangel omslagA dark rivulet was making its way across the antique stone floor. The warm blood found a puddle of water. Red tentacles reached out over the surface of the water. Raindrops fell heavily, formed craters and whipped the fluid to an even pink shade. There was something about the colour that caught my eye. As seconds passed, pink turned into red…

So begins Åsa Schwarz tantalizing second novel about unlikely protagonist Nova Barakel. En död angel (Broken Angel) is the sequel to Åsa’s international smash hit Nefilim.

This time Nova finds herself on the Ararat mount in Turkey helping other Greenpeace activists to build a likeness of Noah’s arc. A monument that is meant to symbolize the destruction that mans carbon foot-print is leaving on the world. In this story we get to follow Nova on her path to accepting her destiny as one of the nephilim. It is a journey fraught with danger that will take her all the way from her home in Stockholm to the highest mountains in Turkey and Armenia. She will find love and heart-ache as well as exposing the most heinous treachery a friend could ever commit.

First published by Telegram Förlag, Sweden in 2011.

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