Brand-new thriller The seven keys is bound for television

Skärmavbild 2017-11-23 kl. 17.27.06The seven keys, the new bestseller from Åsa Schwarz, is about to become an international TV- series if everything goes in accordance with the plans of Yellow Bird. This well-known production company, which has earlier produced mega successes such as the Millennium Series based on the books of Stieg Larsson, has now secured the rights on the title and is currently starting up the project.

– It is almost too good to be true, says the thrilled author.

The seven keys, published this August in both Sweden and Denmark by publisher House of Independents, has quickly become a success in both countries. Åsa Schwarz is hoping that more countries will follow and a TV-series would be a truly grand development. Her thriller has received a great deal of attention, not only due to a captivating mystery, but also because of the thrilling reality behind the story.

Omslag De sju nycklarnaThe story starts out in Stockholm where Rebecka, one of seven IT-professionals in the world who holds a key to the Internet, wakes up with a gun to her head, threatened by someone who wants her key. Her children sleeping in the room next door. When the key-holders are, one after another, victims of an attack Rebecka understands she has to go underground to solve the mystery.

– It’s an incredibly fascinating and unexplored setting. That the keys exist in reality as a means to secure the internet traffic, makes it even more exciting. Almost everything depends on the internet functioning, but we are grossly unprepared if something goes wrong, says Marianne Gray, the producer for the project planned to be a TV-series with eight or ten episodes.

Yellow Bird is a Swedish production company focused on the broad international market as shown by the earlier adaptation of The Headhunters by Jo Nesbø and the Millennium Series by Stieg Larsson.

– This series absolutely has international potential, and is not entirely in Swedish. Today we find that content must not necessarily be in English to be of interest to international buyers. ”Local- language” is popular now internationally, says Emelie Franc, associate producer.

-The internet is a global phenomenon so a story like this will naturally raise international interest, adds Emelie Franc.

The author herself can see that the story has potential to work well in a visual format.

– It’s a fast-paced thriller, very much like an action film. I didn’t write the book with an adaptation in mind, but I could visualize every scene very clearly when I wrote it, says Åsa Schwarz. In 2017, Åsa was selected the Security Profile of the year in Sweden.

House of Independents through its literary agency Hoi Agency negotiated the rights. Hoi Agency represents a number of authors connected to the publishing house with regard to foreign book rights as well as associated rights such as film and television.
Lars Rambe, Managing Director of House of Independents, is pleased and proud over the agreement with Yellow Bird which was put into place very quickly.

– Sales of literary and other associated rights are a natural part of our business today. With our broad catalogue of titles there are many good stories to work with and present. A collaboration with a well renowned production company such as Yellow Bird shows that we are on the right track. Furthermore, The seven keys is the perfect book to start with. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this, says Lars Rambe.

With the agreement in place, the producers are excited to get going.

– We are naturally just at the starting point as we recently have acquired these rights. The next step is to find a script writer. We are really keen to get this project started, says Marianne Gray.

Contact Yellow Bird:

Marianne Gray:
+46 70 871 79 24

Emelie Franc:
+46 73 897 72 88

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