Omslag De sju nycklarnaDuring the last few days there have been a number of blog reviews of The Seven Keys. This makes me happy every time around. Here is a selection:

”Finally catching one’s breath after the story’s breakneck speed, one is struck by the author’s afterword, which really had me thinking in light of the numerous IT scandals of late. Maybe time for politicans and the general public to wake up!”
— Boklysten

”5 points out of 5.
I warmly recommend this book. A really frightening, fast-paced thriller, full of believable characters. No dull stretches; the plot develops page by page. This is an incredibly exciting, top-notch, rather different thriller, and with a plot that may turn out to be for real. Read it!”
–Autumn Leaf

”This book is thrillingly exciting and offers some interesting insights into our everyday IT security. Can anything be hacked? Our cars, our lawn mowers, our pacemakers? Not to mention our mobiles, our iPads, and our laptops? Is there any integrity at all on the Internet?”
— Bookiecookiez

”This is an easy-to-read, well-written, exciting thriller. The short chapters contribute to the fast pacing. Totally in my taste.”
— Ordhyllan

”In light of all the recent IT scandals, The Seven Keys is both topical and thought-provoking. It is far more than just ‘entertainment’! Also, I believe that the thoughts put forth by the author in her afterword are very sensible. We should indeed think a lot more about digital security and be a lot more source critical as pertains to what we read, and share, on the Internet!”
— Fru E:s böcker

”Then there is this thing for which I love the author and the book a bit extra. On two occasions (to which I reacted) the author openly questions the norm of gender roles. To turn the norm around and write ‘male police officer’ instead of ‘police woman’, which is the common way of distinguishing between police officers of different sexes, and to pen in the prejudice that dads out and about with their babies are homosexual nannies, not just dads (since they are supposed to be the bread-winners), is simply fantastic.
This is definitely a winner from the first page to the last.”
— Annas fotnoter

”The main strength of The Seven Keys is how very realistic the novel is. There actually are seven persons around the world who’ve got a key each to the Internet (and one of them is a Swedish woman), and if a nation or a terrorist organisation would get hold of those keys and take over the Internet, the consequences would be disastrous. Our society is dependent on the Internet for food supplies, logistics, healthcare, information, and communication. It is a breathtaking thought that the most important functions of society are so dependent on the Internet that if it would malfunction for any major period of time, we would face very serious problems.”
— Bibliophilia

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