Review: A Real Page-turner

Review in a Swedish magazine about popular fiction, DAST:

Omslag De sju nycklarnaRebecka Reté is an IT security consultant, just like Åsa Schwarz herself, and as she is awakened by a gun to her head in the middle of the night in her flat in Stockholm, a couple of masked men try to force her to hand over a key for which she must be prepared to sacrifice her life. The key is in her safe and together with six other keys around the world it gives one access to the root – the very foundation – of the Internet. Rebecka is one of seven key holders and to get into the root zone and change or activate various Internet functions, one has to have at least five of the keys.

The intrusion into Rebecka’s home sets off a chain of events which quickly develops and forces her to make use of her IT and hacker know-how in order to protect herself and her family, while at the same time, together with others, trying to find out who is out to ge the seven keys and why. In an afterword, Åsa lists ten points exposing our and our societies’ vulnerability. ”Ten points,” she states, ”which, if they were implemented, I am convinced would make our country safer, more secure, and more robust.”

Besides being an IT security consultant, Åsa Schwarz is a seasoned author. She has written a fast-paced thriller where no one is what they appear to be and where you can trust no one. The novel is, in spite of its subject, an exciting page-turner!

Read it – and do not skip the afterword!

— Ulf Broberg

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