Omslag De sju nycklarnaMy hacker thriller The Seven Keys is being released today. When I wrote the afterword last spring, I knew that the message was an important one. I wanted it to be heard, somehow. Our society is fragile and rests on digital infrastructure which is far from secure.

Our government bodies, county councils, municipalities, and many of our companies are vulnerable. Sweden and many other countries could easily be the target of massive Internet blackouts and would then be at a standstill. Copious amount of information may end up in the wrong hands. Yet few seemed interested or able to understand the magnitude.

Then came the summer of the Swedish Transport Agency. Two government ministers and the board had to resign. Director general Maria Ågren was convicted of careless handling of secret intelligence. Suddenly everyone was talking about cyber security in Sweden. Thus, here is an easily accessible thriller with a very important message: we have to get the digital security upgraded. When you’ve read The Seven Keys, ask the political party you’ll vote for in the next election what they’re going to do to strengthen cyber security in your country.

The Seven Keys is today – 21 August, 2017 – released simultaenously in Sweden and Denmark. It is available in hardcover, as an audio book, and as an ebook.

— Åsa

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