Nefilim – Reviewed by Ola Hultin, Sci-Fi Bookstore

Nephilim is a given star on this autumns crime spectrum and moreover a, just as vital as worrying, contribution to the climate debate.

A gang of frustrated environmental activists launch their own more direct campaign against Sweden’s biggest environmental polluters, but discover along the way that someone has gotten there before them and in a far more disturbing manner. Something with biblical proportions is brewing…

As in her earlier books And Shackle Lilith in Chains and Stigma Åsa Schwarz writes nimbly and with a well-balanced richness of detail. The suspense and the tempo never waivers and upon re-reading it you notice how well thought out the story is. Inviting culinary descriptions and interesting anecdotes from a Stockholm long past intensifies the sense of intimacy.

While her previous novels are more occult thrillers, Nephilim is directed at a much larger readership, which is good, because Åsa Schwarz deserves to be read by many. I would thus like to recommend it very much!

/Ola Hultin, Sci-Fi Bookstore

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